Event Owl has the experience and expertise to deliver a first-class hybrid event for a unique and cohesive integration of an in-person and online event. Our team works to deliver 100% functionality through the ability to track participation three ways – Web-based with a session code, in your customized App with a session code, or with a scanned barcode onsite either printed or digital badge in-App. Event Owl supports your event attendees no matter if they are attending your event online or in-person. Successful hybrid events require specific functions and features including:

  • Accessibility on all devices – desktop, laptops, phones, tablets.
  • Engagement for in-person attendees through your customized native event app.
  • Secure access for registered attendees.
  • Branding for your organization and hybrid event.
  • Easy uploading for event information.
  • Personalized agendas for sessions and multi-track management.
  • Cohesive integration for all-types of streamed presentation content and documents.
  • Push notifications to keep attendees updated on important information.
  • Surveys, polls, and attendee chat.
  • Gamification to engage attendees and foster networking.
  • Social feeds allowing posts, likes, and comments.
  • Revenue generation through in-App opportunities.
  • Real time access to analytics for attendee engagement.