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We know you probably have lots of questions, so we shared the most frequent ones here:

Is Event Owl a replacement for Zoom or TEAMS?

Event Owl doesn’t replace Zoom or TEAMS, but it adds to the platforms and event experience for your users by organizing content, restricting access to registered users, and tracking attendance.

Does Event Owl replace my Registration System or Member Management System?

Event Owl is agnostic when it comes to registration. We work with almost any system that can export a file.

Does every event come with an app as well for users to log-in through?

Apps can be added to your event package! Our platform works best on laptops and desktop computers, so if you intend for users to log-in through their phone, definitely check out the app package.

My event is scheduled to have many attendees and users logged in at the same time. Does the Event Owl platform have the capacity to host large events?

Yes! Our platform is equipped to handle large crowds, we’ve had multiple events with thousands of users that turned out to be a success.

If my event is hosted completely online, will I still get onsite support?

Yes! Event Owl prides ourselves on our customer service and we have Event Owl staff online and available to you at the time of your event to help users directly and the host.


Helpful Insights from the
Event Owl Team

In addition to our industry leading software-as-a-service platform, you get the benefit of having direct connection to our talented team with several decades of experience working with event for some of the largest, most respected national organizations.

Event Owl gives a proven-successful platform which easily allows for customization for your organization, brand, and event. We work way beyond providing you a license to our platform. Our team remains in-touch before, during, and after your event.

Here are some answers to help questions from Event Owl users:

I am accessing the event on my phone or tablet and it stopped working. How can I get it to work?

The EventOwl platform works best on desktop computers or laptops. Please switch to a laptop or desktop for your best event experience.

I go to do the Survey, but it tells me that I need to Check In first. I am already logged in, how do I access the surveys?

To access the Surveys, you must first obtain the code given in the respective session. Once you obtain the code, you have to press on the CheckOut box above the Survey tab and enter the code into the box within that page. Once you have submitted the code, you can then go to the Survey Page and complete the session survey.

I cannot press on the CheckOut, Survey or Documents buttons on the right side of the agenda page. How do I fix this?

Please make sure that your browser window is in full screen mode and that the text of your browser is not zoomed in. Once you have fixed this, the buttons should be able to be clicked on and accessed.

I logged into Event Owl, but I am in the wrong event. How can I get to the correct event?

Locate your name on the top right of the Event Owl platform and click on your name. Once it is selected, you will get a dropdown menu with one of the options being “switch events”. Press on this option and you will be able to go to your respective event.

How can I get points for exhibitors?

To get points through the exhibitors there are two options. You can gain points by visiting the exhibitors tab and obtaining a code through their booth or by going to the exhibitor chat tab and speaking with an exhibitor to gain additional points.

Where am I able to enter bonus points?

If there is an option to gain bonus points, you will see a bonus points tab on the navigation menu on the left side of the screen. To gain bonus points, visit the bonus points tab and complete the extra tasks listed on the page. Once you finish the tasks, you will get a code to enter in the bonus points page on the specific completed task.

I clicked on an agenda session, but when I access the page, there is no Zoom or video link although there should be one. How can I find the link to access the seminar?

If you have an ad blocker extension on a browser such as Chrome, please turn it off for the page and the video link will appear.

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Email our team at: info@eventowl.com.